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Light Flow - Moderate

  • It is the same as ½ regular tampon
  • It is the same as ⅛ menstrual cup
  • It is the same as ¾ panty liner
  • It is the same as ¼ regular pads

Vana shorts go beyond the meaning of comfort.

It is great not only for bathing in the pool or in the sea, but of course for sleeping, exercising...

It is washable, reusable, hygienic, modern and sustainable with three layers of quick-drying, waterproof, breathable and antibacterial fabric.


Body: 85% Ecoyarn Polyester +15% Elastane

Groin lining: 95% organic cotton + 05% Elastane

Interior (only on the bridge): natural fibers and polyester.

What's is my size?

Until now we have sizes from XS to XXL, but we really want to reach all real women. If you have any doubts about which Period size is the perfect one for you, take a look at our size guide here!

How does it work?

Like panties, bikinis do not swell and absorb the most viscous liquids inside, such as blood, while allowing our recycled and breathable polyamide to dry quickly.

The bikinis have 3 layers of absorbent, waterproof, breathable and antibacterial fabrics.

They are indicated for light to moderate flows.
For the most abundant flows, use them in addition to other internal protections such as the cup or organic tampon. ;))

Tips to wash them

To preserve the properties of the technical fabric, Period panties can be washed both by hand and by machine at a maximum temperature of 30º. Never dry clean or iron them. And keep in mind that you should not use fabric softeners or natural oils.

Shipping and Changes

We only accept changes for unused products that are in perfect condition, in their original packaging, with all the labels and properly packed. We offer a 30-day guaranteed size change. If you have not succeeded with the size, you can change it easily and quickly.

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It is super important to choose the correct size, since the bikinis must be close to the body to maintain the flow in its absorbent interior.

However, between the body and the absorbent fabric, there is a waterproof layer that does not allow water from the outside get into the bikini.

Pay attention to your discharge and the moment you are in.

No one knows your body better than you.