How it works?

Okay, we know you've already heard about menstrual panties, right? Here you can learn more (and more and more) about Period undies.

Although they look like normal undies, Period menstrual undies differ in that the fabric with which they are made allows the absorption of menstrual flow without transferring it to clothing.

But, what is different about Period undies with the others?

First of all, if you wear any brand of menstrual panties, we are already very happy to know that you do something for the environment. But, if you want to do something for yourself too, that's where you come across Period. We can explain. Brazilians are already world renowned for their undies. Imagine what happens when a Brazilian fashion designer decides to draw menstrual undies that do not look like menstrual undies in Spain.

This is how Period was born, the menstrual undies that most resemble luxury or even sensual underwear.

In addition to being gorgeous (modesty aside), they are washable, reusable, hygienic, modern and sustainable.

All undies have four layers capable of absorbing all kinds of liquids: menstruation, sweat, vaginal fluids and slight urine leakage. They are quick-drying, waterproof, breathable and antibacterial fabrics.

How to take care of your Period?

Although they are the most beautiful, safe and comfortable period panties in the world, Period panties are just panties, so you can wash them however you prefer:

  • by hand (in the shower for example)
  • machine (wash them at a maximum of 30º and never dry), along with other clothes (and that's okay, there's no need to wash them alone).

To preserve the absorbency properties of the technical fabric of the Period, we recommend that you use a soap without softening agents, natural oils, or Marseille soap, but you can use neutral or intimate soap.

Don't forget to use the wash bag that comes with your Period! :))

Oh, by the way, and no ironing, okay?

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What is the packaging?

Our packaging is a gift to you. It is a bag that is used to wash and care for your Period. Ideal for the washing machine 🙂

Will I feel dry?

You may feel a bit wet as soon as your period comes down, but the sensation then disappears thanks to the absorbent properties of the cotton and the technical fabric. But watch out! If you start to feel clammy, it's time to change!

Will I smell?

Not even remotely! You will realize that the odors with the compresses were the product of the mixture of blood with the large amount of plastic they have. With Period panties, the technical fabrics are also antibacterial and prevent odors.

¿Cada cuánto debo cambiar mis Period?

That depends on the people. Each panty supports a different amount of flow, so when you feel wet, remember that's the limit and it's time to change. We recommend paying attention early on to see how long your Periods will work for your flow and whether or not you need to change your Periods throughout the day.

How long will they last me?

If you take good care of your Period and use the bag in the washing machine, the functions of the technical fabric will last at least 50 washes or up to 3 years. Everything also depends on the frequency of use and the number of menstrual panties you have to change. Afterwards, although your Periods lose their functions, they can be worn as normal panties until the "end of their days".

And for urine incontinence?

All Period have four layers of technical fabrics capable of absorbing all kinds of vaginal fluids: menstruation, sweat, vaginal fluids, and slight urine losses. They are quick-drying, waterproof, breathable, antibacterial and antifungal fabrics and since they do not contain plastic, they do not smell.

Do you still have doubts?

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