Whatta hell sis! Who are those chicks?

In any part of the world and in any clothing store, there is a section dedicated to Brazilian panties. Yes, Brazilians know how to make panties, and very sexy ones by the way. So imagine what happens when a Brazilian girl living in Spain decides to create a brand.

Period is a brand created by this Brazilian girl who lives in Madrid and dreams of a better world. Sounds kind of boring, right? Can. But for her, a better world begins with better days and having a clear conscience of not harming the environment, the body and the mind.

I warmly thank two very important friends: Ná Russo and Kika Igue, without them the project would not be the I wouldn't have started it myself. Sisterhood, sincerity and friendship always!

Thanks also to my family and my husband who also live the project. ❣️

Nathalia Vitali

Ok, and why Period?

Besides the "period", Period is also the same as "full stop" in English. That same point is what represents all the rules that we want to break.

If you close your eyes, what things come to mind that you would like to put an end to? Well, with the birth of Period comes an end point for the unwritten rules they imposed on women.

You will be more than used to hearing that the period is not talked about, that menstruation is a cause for shame, that you cannot wear the clothes you want, that we cannot feel sexy those days of the month, that blood is disgusting to people, that women cannot be comfortable, that there are no options to take care of the environment, and most importantly, that women have to be perfect at all times.

But should we really see this as normal?

If you want to put an end to any of these things, we help you do it. Put on Period.

  • Mission

    At Period, our main mission is to give everyone a solution that does not generate waste in the environment and that in turn, is comfortable for everyone on the days when we have the period. The latter, we consider it very important, that women are and feel free to be able to do everything they want, not only during their period, but also in all the days of their lives, leaving aside any feelings of discomfort or limitation. 

    Period thinks of all people and wants to democratize this solution for all, helping us to improve our days, but worrying about the future of our friends, children, grandchildren and all the people we do not know, nor are we going to meet.

  • Vision

    Women produce more waste than men, at least in our hygiene. The cause is because women have few options in their menstrual period, since the vast majority use pads, panty liners or tampons.

    Period is based on the desire to solve everyday situations in the menstrual period. We understand that by solving it today we help solve the future.

    In some parts of the world, people are more aware of using alternative products such as Period undies or menstrual cups. In Europe, there is already interest in new alternatives, although there are not so many companies with that focus. The Period panties try to facilitate access to them, in turn educating about this new concept of products.

  • Values

    Sustainable - To be a product that helps reduce the impact of waste generated by the use of pads and tampons.

    Built by women - A company of women who work with women and for women, or all menstruating people.

    Accessibility- Guarantee access to the product through education and information for all women in Spain, regardless of their social class, age and way of life.

    Quality -- Give our clients the highest quality in products and service.

    Innovation - Period represents the innovation of a whole category of menstrual products. In addition to being a sustainable product, its technology is capable of absorbing the flow, without odors and humidity.

We have more to everyone!