For you, for me, and for wherever you want.

Period bikinis are absorbent and have been made with recycled fabrics from bottles and garbage collected in the Mediterranean Sea.

Ahhh without forgetting that they were made here, in Spain! ;))

Do you already have a swim top that you love?

By now, you may have realized that Period is great for your favorite top.
There are 3 beautiful models, for all tastes and moods that combine with all kinds of tops.

We know that when we submerge in the water, our uterus continues to give off menstruation, but the blood does not come out completely either.

The pressure of the water counteracts gravity and prevents blood from coming out of the vagina.

But make no mistake, the blood doesn't stop! ;))

So the Period is especially perfect when coming out of the water, and of course, they will also protect you from stains in and out of the water.